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Classic Railing is made of a special alloy that is manufactured in North America. The aluminum shapes and materials are used to give it the strength necessary to meet or exceed the national building code requirements.   

Classic Railing is maintenance free and does not rust, peel, chalk, or decay as wood or vinyl railings. Aluminum railings are most cost effective for your customer when compared with the costs of wood, constant finishing and ongoing labor. 



Set Posts Cut and Attach Rails Slide in Glass or Snap in Pickets

1. Set your Posts or Wall Brackets. Posts are standard 42 height.  For detailed instructions, download  our  VIDEO (2.7 mb)


2. Select and cut the lengths of
Rails needed. Standard Rail
lengths are 6, 8, 10,& 12. For 

detailed instructions, download our



3. Choice of Straight, Wide or Glass Panels or any combination. Glass panels come in widths of 24 to 66 in 6 Increments. (Custom sizes available). For detailed instructions, download our


 ***Download your Apple Quicktime video player (it's free) from

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